Recently I was trying to describe the various types of cloud services available for modern IT deployment. Like many, I resorted to an analogy — the ever popular “Pizza as a Service”.

Pizza as a Service 1.0

However, the more I tried to use it, the more strained it became — my main difficulties were:

  • The elements intuitively thought of as infrastructure Eg Oven, Electric / Gas and Dining Table were not provided by Infrastructure as a Service.

Not being one to overthink things(!), I decided to redraw the graphic including some recent aaSes and what I consider to be more appropriate elements to highlight the differences.

Without further ado, I give you — Pizza as a Service 2.0

Pizza as a Service 2.0

Now for the justifications…

  • On-Premises — like a homemade pizza, made from scratch, you do everything yourself (no change so far). Example: Datacentre

For the more technically minded, I’ve added the levels of abstraction at the side so you can see what I was thinking from an actual implementation point of view. The one that’s probably slightly contentious is the scaling level. I was trying to use this to highlight the difference between PaaS and Faas ie with PaaS you still have to worry about how to manage scaling Eg how many dynos (Heroku) do you want to run.

Hopefully that makes more sense and is easier to use when trying to explain the differences…

…or maybe I’ve just overthought this a bit

Either way, I welcome your comments / thoughts and suggested improvements!

Originally posted on my blog: Pizza as a Service 2.0

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